"You Guys Are Millionaires Right?"

"Shifty Jelly" presents are so many interesting facts about the "other side" of software development that a mere consumer rarely intuits on their own.1 There are so many ideas here that it becomes hard to pick just a single quote, so here's one that I realized myself not that long ago:

As a kid I pirated all my software, because I felt like these were giant, faceless corporations that didn’t need my money, and I had no money to give them anyway. I pirated operating systems, I pirated apps, I pirated games. Then one day I got a job, and learnt just how hard it is to make good software, and a switch went off in my head. Now I pay for every piece of software I have, sometimes I buy apps I don’t even need, just because I appreciate the level of crafts(wo)manship and care that went into them. If it’s too expensive and I can’t afford it, I just don’t use it.

(via Marco Arment)

  1. One may be justified in expanding the model to loosely fit the creation/consumption interaction more broadly; at the very least I have made this connection. 


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