2018 Creative Projects

2018 is upon us!

I’m looking forward to another creative year in 2018. Actually, I want more than that, I’m actively pushing myself for a more creative year. So, this won’t be a reflection post, I have one of those waiting in the wings, instead, I thought I’d put up a list of creative endeavours—in no particular order—that I want to sink my teeth into this year. I’ve been riding a creative high lately, so I’m feeling up to a challenge, this list could serve as a score card for my creative self.

Here’s the list, and I’ll tick off projects as I start/abandon/complete them:

  • Sculpt a statue
  • Release an open source project
  • Make a poster with blackletter calligraphy
  • Start a podcast
  • Draft a children’s story
  • Release a video
  • 3D print something
  • Build a project with Arduino or Raspberry Pi
  • Give a talk
  • Cobble together a month-long daily art project

I’ve pre-announced projects before, it’s been a bit embarrassing to admit they’ve sunk from view, but I figure, why let the spectre of the past dampen my future? It’s just a bit of fun on the Internet after all.

If you're interested in collaborating, want to show support, or tag me with a creative “to-do” list of your own, drop me a reply on twitter @TRST_Blog


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