In With the New

I'm standing in the kitchen, tiles torn from the wall, dust is everywhere. It's chaos.

There's no reprieve at the other end of the house, either. We got antsy and went for it; drying paint fumes fill the bedrooms and every spare nook and cranny filled with refugee furniture from far off rooms.

Home renovations, the perfect respite from an unsettled soul. I jumped ship a few weeks ago and instead of making a smooth transition into my new career, every thing has been complicated instead. My house looks like the inside of my head.

But none of that matters because things are moving. The times are a changin’. New things are coming in and my old “normal” is falling away.

At once, it's both deeply uncomfortable and exhilarating. I'm lucky, honestly. I'm confident I can ride the storm and I have the backing of my family. For the first time in a good long while, I'm standing at the beginning of a season of change but I'm not afraid. I don't know what shape the future will take but I am excited to make its acquaintance.


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