Year of the Field Day

I figured out my direction for the new year!

This year will be the, "Year of the Field Day." On its face, not terribly snappy; I tried looking for synonyms, nothing I found managed to convey the right feeling. So it’s sticking around.

Field Day (n.): a time of extraordinary pleasure or opportunity

This theme is born out of last year’s theme of clarity. Now that I have a better handle on some aspects of my life and a clear(ish) direction into the future, it is time to enjoy myself. I want to rebalance my life a little bit, focus on a few hobbies and enjoy the fruits of fortune that have fallen into my life.

In no certain order, I'd like to spend more time:

  • Blogging and investing more time here into my “homestead
  • Trying a new content medium, like podcasting, streaming, or video
  • Contribute to more open-source projects (ideally at least one on-going collaboration, rather than the few drive-bys I’ve made this year)
  • Building little apps and side businesses based on interest, not monetary value (I’m really interested in helping create community first businesses or sustainable relationships between creator and community. If you see yourself in any of those words, reach out! I’d love to chat.)
  • Taking more photos and exploring the world of photography
  • Getting stronger and bouldering more often (COVID permitting)

I’ll be fleshing these out in more detail as I embark on each piece, but for now it feels better to get this out into the world.

Stay tuned 😉


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