A New Direction

I'm an old people-thing. At least, I feel like an old people thing. This site has weathered the last 5 years on the open internet and it's been a blast; however, as I've gained a smidgen of perspective, my aims and expectations have drifted onto a new course. I'm not tearing out the carpets and replastering the walls, to mix my metaphors, but I'm not so sure that orange shag is still in, you dig?

A lot has changed in my trip around the wheel and I want this site to reflect some of those changes. Like everyone, I moved to another country, I went and got myself a jobby-job, responsibilities, bills to pay and found some weather to complain about. As a younger people-thing I projected a persona based on what seemed acceptable, not what felt right. I needed time to see the truth. Now that I'm here, in the poorly ventilated and crowded room of adulthood, I feel like I have more to say, more to share.

I'm committed to posting more often—proper posts, not just links, although those are still cool, right?—on a variety of topics, say, like Internet identity, a whipping post 'round these parts, and living a mobile-only lifestyle. Nothing reactionary, or overly topical, just human-esque musings on the world I live in. All weighing in at around 500 words a pop, light enough that I won't weigh on your mind and substantial enough to chew. Honestly, who wants to block out their timetable to read a thinkpiece?

I'm not here to over promise on what's possible given my circumstances; however, it is somewhat of a relief to have a plan at all. I've drifted between some form of blog since I started on the web in the early 2000s and never once made any real commitments to share, beyond half measured threats with no real push to follow through. This blog is the marks the first time I have refrained from raising everything to the ground every two months, a feat I have realized for 5 years as of 20 April, 2016.

I read somewhere that placing your commitments out in the open was a sure fire way to be accountable to your goals and that's what I mean to do here. Take a step forward into the unknown waters of responsibility, make commitments and do my damned best to keep some... no, most of them.

If you are one of the few people who still subscribe to this site via RSS, my hat is off to you. Thank you for putting up with, well, whatever I am. It isn't always easy shouting into the void, but with your company it's been bearable. You're a peach, truly.


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What is this Place?

This is the weblog of the strangely disembodied TRST. Here it attempts to write somewhat intelligibly on, well, anything really. Overall, it may be less than enticing.