"A Trusted System"

Federico Viticci of MacStories:

We need to separate work from leisure and app discovery. If we’re really committed to proving that iOS devices can be fantastic replacements for trucks, we need to get serious and understand that switching between apps and feverishly mining for the latest productivity goldmine won’t make you smarter or “more productive”. On the other hand, developers need to understand that just because they’ve released a new Google Reader client or GTD app, they shouldn’t expect thousands of users to jump on board and hit Buy.

To anyone who has actually used either of these devices for significant periods of time this behavior is well understood. This phenomena is the sign that the owners of these devices are no longer wrapped up in the device itself, nor it's endless possibilities considering the App Store, instead, these devices are being bent into some shape that best suits the user. The more time we spend working a device to our whims the less we can maintain its idol status and with the deemphasis of the latter a continuation of our productive selves grows from the former.[1]

(via Stephen M. Hackett)

  1. Forgive my flowery poetic licence, it can get out of hand without proper supervision. ↩︎


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