An Academic Journal Dedicated to Pornography Coming Next Year

It's interesting to think that there hasn't been any general attention paid by the academic community to the pornography industry. I say this as someone who is interested in facets of personal identity and development, but think about how much of social development is predicated on adhering to tropes of masculinity or femininity, moreover, how directly linked those concepts are to sexual performance (both in the sense of ability and presentation). Now, ask yourself how pervasive modern pornography is in shaping those concepts and why there hasn't been a concentrated discussion surrounding them in the academic community.[1] Strange.

  1. To be fair, I have not done any research to verify that this is the first concentrated effort to amass such a journal. I do, however, realize that there are plenty of papers dealing with subject head on, I do not mean to imply that no work has ever been done on the subject. ↩︎


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