An Apology in Advance

I don't want to make this a habit, but I'm going to apologize for myself.

Too's third episode should be out today and in that episode I use the word "retarded" pejoratively. I feel this use was inexcusable, even in jest, because it marginalizes a very specific and real population. I shouldn't have abused real human beings for a quick gag, it was a complete oversight on my part.

In the show I talk fairly crassly about any number of topics and I hope that they are all taken as sarcastically as I said them. The reason I am not apologizing for those things is because I feel there is some recognition of those wrongs, that hearing "women shouldn't vote" immediately causes people to think otherwise, because that phrase and the concepts behind it are already part of our collective awareness. The same cannot be said for the term "retarded". Unfortunately that term as a pejorative goes unnoticed and seems fairly "normal".

Comedy, for me, plays on cultural norms we all take for granted, it pushes against the grain of what we believe in. I do not feel comfortable promoting comedy of another form that glibly enforces norms which I feel are toxic. If the take away from any of my jokes do not provoke discussion and reflection, then I do not want to be making them.


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