Birthday Number Two

It is hard to believe that this site has existed in a more-or-less unchanged form for two years. As a person who naturally is fixated on change, this is a big deal. While I haven't posted consistently or often, I have left behind a concrete record.

I am proud of that fact.

It is a strange feeling to browse through the annals of my blog's archive and to read the writing of a person I scarcely recognize. Since I began this little weblog I have finished my undergraduate degree and have moved into a B.Ed, I have switched jobs multiple times, and I've even started a podcast with a dear friend of mine. Yet, despite all of that change the legacy of this blog still manages to warm my heart.

While I cannot vouch for what the future may bring, I can take the time to celebrate this weblog's momentus second birthday.

Happy birthday good lookin'.


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What is this Place?

This is the weblog of the strangely disembodied TRST. Here it attempts to write somewhat intelligibly on, well, anything really. Overall, it may be less than enticing.