Blogging Like it's 2003

Do you remember the last time you blogged?

I can’t and I have been running this site since 2011. Sure, I’ve shared links and a smattering of half-cocked ideas, but even those longer reflections have been carefully measured to within an inch of their lives. It was cool to feign being professional and well polished, but I'm older, less patient and certainly less bothered by what others expect from me—which is a fun way of saying I am more confident in who I am and what I am doing 😋.

Obligatory quote out of context:

They're supposedly very intelligent… although I've never seen any evidence of it. — Steve Zissou

I thought it would be fun to try blogging—you know, like a vlog but without any video... go ask your parents—like in the “good ol’ days.” Perked up by Internet nostalgia,[1] Kottke hitting 20 years old and a general sense of longing throughout the last year, I’ve decided what I was missing was a truly personal outlet. I thought about maybe starting a podcast, or a Youtube channel, but neither felt like a good fit for where my head’s at these days. Plus, I have neither the expertise, for the former, nor do I want to wade into another person’s pool party[2] with the latter. So, why not just double down on what I have already? Lowercase-b-blogging it was.

I’m thinking that I’ll try my darnedest to post once a day, for at least the next month. Each post is likely to be less technical and more personal, as I doubt the world will miss having another faux-intellectual online. If I have something clever to post, great; otherwise, I’ll just do me. I would also like to open up the floor to include more images, doodles and video. Multimedia isn't something that was on my mind when I started up, poor hosting and trying to imitate John Gruber’s style set me off on the nearly-text-only path.

If you'd like to join me,[3] add me to a blogroll or include my thoughts in your RSS reader (remember those?) please do.

  1. See the Internet History Podcast,, Internet Archive, Dave Winer, John Gruber et al. ↩︎

  2. Alliteration for days! ↩︎

  3. I should work on setting up webmentions for this site. Perhaps, you have a suggestion that works for you? I'd appreciate that kindly. ↩︎


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