Brendan Dawes Hearts URLs

My internet avatar grew up following the same guide posts as Brendan here: constantly pouring through a webpage’s source and a keeping an eye towards the URL structure. Suffice to say this love letter to the humble URL resonated with me.

My favourite reads lately have been, in their own way, love letters to a certain time or place. I reread a load of Dickens over the winter holiday season and couldn’t help but trudge down the same coal-darkened London streets that he wrote so deftly about. And Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s Shadow of the Wind, with a remarkable rush of deja vu, placed me right back in the sun-baked streets of Barcelona. The earnest, childish affection for the spirit of a city and its idiosyncrasies grabs ahold of something deep within me. A loving description of time or place makes me perk up.

More and more regularly, people of the Internet seem to writing in this vein. Capturing the spirit of the web, describing its strange contours and revealing the glowing hearts of its inhabitants.


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