I don't know when the seed was planted, but I've been giving BSD a good hard look lately. There is just something about the argument BSD is an operating system whereas Linux is a kernel that is appealing to me.

I don't ride the leading edge. Sometimes I pretend, sure. But I use a terminal, a text editor, a browser and an email client. My window manager of choice is pretty lean and depends on relatively modern libraries, but there are alternatives, but I've searched the FreeBSD ports repositories and everything I need is already there or I could build the tiny few things I need from source.

I have a hard time with leaning on 3rd party applications. I install them, run them once and ultimately forget about them. So long as I have access to the web, I don't need much else.

So if software isn't an issue, then why not jump. What's the most I'd lose? Nothing. Is there a potential upside? I think so.

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