Clamp it, Clamp it Good

Feel like noodlin’ on the internets? But don’t feel like downloading a massive web development environment like MAMP? Yet you just… can’t resist the urge to noodle on the internet? Have no fear—unfortunately, your sorrows will be entirely unaffected by what I’m about to show you—you can resume praying to your internet-based FSM god using a clever little script to manage the pain that is Apache2 for you.

Tap the following keys into your command line editor of choice:[1]

$ brew tap jide/clamp

$ brew install clamp

After that, move to the directory full of your sacrificial web noodles and clamp away!

  1. This will require you have homebrew installed. No, I cannot help you install it. No, it’s not like that. Yes, I forgot your birthday, but it was just one time… look, this isn’t even… fine, whatever, stay at your Mother’s then, I was going to go to work early anyhow. ↩︎


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