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In the most recent episode of Too, i.e., the one I wasn't invited to attend, Andrew [cite] and Ryan [cite] were discussing our talk during the previous episode. That particular episode really got away from us, although, I might argue that each of our reasons for why would be different. Listening back to this most recent episode, I think that fact became fairly clear, to me at least.

Ryan may (or may not) have been engaging in conversation from a futurist standpoint. Meaning, in essence, that code is important today because of the growing effect it will have on our future. For instance, he makes small references to artificial intelligence (AI) and presumably, to create a future with advanced AI we need to be aligning our education system to this possibility. I sense there is a deeply pragmatic sentiment behind his line of reasoning.

For myself, I engaged in that conversation with similar practical intuitions but those thoughts did not comprise the majority of our conversation. Much of my thinking was metaphysical in aim. The fact that this was not clear is my own fault. Truth be told, I should never think on my feet, I move too slowly to be effective.

If you have listened to our back catalogue of discussions, then you might realize that I have a fascination with personal identity, moreover, with what is and how we form those identities. Identity, to me, is interesting because it becomes one of the closest held lenses we use to view the world. Increasingly, our identities are augmented by technology; thus, in a soft sense I might argue that we are almost born-cyborgs.

With code, we have the ability to choose (inform?) what kind of cyborgs


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