Did Lightning Hit the Antenna?

This is a post-mortem. Not a happy-go-lucky post-mortem, but a post-mortem all the same.

I screwed up this blog in a strange way last night. From what I can tell, while shifting—oh god, I’m boring myself!— my content into its own GIT repository, separate from theme, plugins, etc., a script I had setup to automatically pull changes from the previous repository went nuts. Thankfully, most of this stuff is just text files, so there was no data loss and resetting was easy enough.

Here’s where things get a bit squirrelly: the CMS I use allows for publish dates to be set in the future and from what I now gather, does not adhere to the future publish date if you set a created date (probably a bug, I’ve opened a Github issue if you’re one of those). Instead, it relies on the file’s modified metadata. Having restored last night, that is what each file’s modified date is set to, thus messing up all of my post ordering 😨

I have since manually fixed the dates on those posts, no biggie, but damage to your RSS/Atom feeds has already been done. I’d offer a sincere apology, however, the mechanism powering my CMS’ feed has also decided to roll over and die. Who knows when that’ll be up. I was a good flaming eyeball, and filed another issue. The team behind Grav is very responsive, so I imagine it’ll be fixed in short order.

For now, I wait. You probably don’t care, yet I will update this page as more happens anyways.

Update 2017-06-03: The feeds are working again and there's a new JSON feed if you're into that sort of thing. Read the details here: Shiny New JSON Feed


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