Donate Now to the GNOME Patent Troll Defense Fund

The Gnome Project was recently hit by a patent troll lawsuit. The alleged infringement is weak, but like most stories you hear about patent trolling, the expectation is for the accused to settle out of court: the accused saves amount of hassle and expense, while the troll makes a tidy sum and is free to continue harassing the community. The Gnome Project is looking to set a different precedent and take the fight to the alleging party. That plan will be costly, so they've setup a community fund to help finance their effort.

It's wonderful to see the open-source community come together to support this fight. Surely the end cost will run far past their campaign goal, but the foundation is committed to protecting the wider, less well-funded community from facing the grief of patent trolling.

I've put in a donation. There are plenty of giving options and they accept all modern forms of payment. It took only a second from my phone.


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