Flickr Is Alive Again

It wasn't so long ago that Smugmug had announced a purchase of the early Internet darling Flickr. For years under Yahoo's stewardship the service had decayed. I spent years trying to get an old account—tied to Yahoo!'s (I still despise that exclamation point) self-destructing mail service—closed to no avail. Non-existent email support and relying on public forums for hints at possible access to a human on the inside. It was a mess. Clearly, the lights were on but no one was home.

On Saturday, I have support another shot, having vaguely remembered that someone else controls Flickr. The support team at Flickr/Smugmug is alive and well. I had no problems getting the account closed after proving that it was my account.

I'm not sure how Flickr will fare in today's market, but it's clear the people behind it care about Flickr's future, in a way it was clear that Yahoo! didn't or couldn't.


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