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Frank Chimero:

Instead of having fewer sections to attend to distracted and busy individuals, I’ll add more (and hopefully introduce some friction, complexity, and depth) to reward those who want to invest their time. I won’t use analytics—actually, I won’t measure at all. What would I do with that data anyway? In this case, it’s just more noise. The singular thread that runs through everything is only “because I like it.”

I love this outlook.

As the year comes to a close I take a hard look at what I've done with my time, where I've devoted my efforts and how I've conducted myself. I realize only after that the value I get from having a personal site is immense, regardless what I use it for. The more effort I pour in the more enjoyment I receive, a feeling that I am fighting for in other places. Unfortunately, that battle rages onward without an end in sight, so perhaps, I should at least a little more of my time and effort on a sure thing.


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