Hello: FreeBSD for “Mere Mortals”

Can we make an open source system that is welcoming to switchers from the Mac? Something that “just works” as intended, without the need to fiddle around much to get to a working desktop that does its job and otherwise gets out of your way? Say hello to hello, a desktop system for creators with focus on simplicity, elegance, and usability. Based on FreeBSD. Less, but better!

Though a comforting first thought, "hello"[1] will not be an OS X (RIP 😰) emulator but a new thing altogether. It only vaguely looks like earlier versions of aqua and promises to be more dependable. Certainly there won't be any Mac apps. You'll (I assume) be using native Unix applications, probably ported over from Unix's less license-lenient cousin Linux.

All that said, look at those screenshots and try telling me your not the slightest bit curious.

Here's a link to the project's repository.

  1. Good luck Googling that! ↩︎


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