How I Built This: 5-Hour Energy: Manoj Bhargava

I've really been enjoying this series, since I was turned on to it by the Grey NATO guys.

Honestly, business has been a long balleyhood subject in my life, much like economics. As my perspecive broadens and my brash youthfulness mellows, I have been seeing so much creative potential. It's as if there are suddenly evergreen forests where I once saw inhospitable desert. Perhaps, it was I who had to prove myself to “those people” and not the other way round as I had always believed (snooty, I know).

Manoj Bhargava is has a tonne of practical wisdom to share, which makes for some great sound bites. Success, however you measure it, comes from effort, resiliance and creativity. Despite my reluctance to drink any more 5-Hour Energy drinks (my sleep is already so fragile), I walked away from this episode with a different sort of energy.

Listen to the original podcast embedded below:


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