I Made It — 30 Days of Blogging

A month ago, I said I’d post to this blog every day. And today, I am able to say that I've done just that. It wasn’t too difficult either, so long as I was smart-er about how I wrote for the site. Perhaps the most important point to remember is that I enjoyed the process and I enjoy what my presence online is becoming.

I'm going to keep going then.

That said, there are a few things I wish I had done differently. Batch writing and future publishing was tricky—not the process itself, rather showing any sort of consideration for what I posted and when. I would like to have researched a little deeper and managed to unfold a “story” throughout the week. That entails holding back some posts until there's more to say/link and taking the time to find a narrative or aesthetic to my posting queue; time that I didn’t consider giving myself until reflecting right now.

I also presumed I would have posted more photos or drawings throughout the month. I tend not to have much time to myself during the week (worky-work, amirite?), so there are fair few photos I’ve taken, let alone any worthy of posting. For whatever reason, I also shrink at the thought of using photos from other sources without seeking permission. (That’s the nice thing to do, right?) As for the drawings, I just flat-out failed to do any. Zero. Not-a-one.

I think that committing to posting some longer-form pieces with doodles or illustrative work each week will bend me towards my goal. Ya, that’s it. So better fire up my task manager before I forget and make myself look like an ass.


  • I wrote at least one tiny link per day for the last month
  • I enjoyed the process
  • I’m going to keep going because weblogs are fun
  • I will put more thought into the theme of all my shorter posts
  • I will commit to doing at least one personally-generated (whatever that means) post per week
  • I will commit to putting my Apple Pencil to work for said special personal post each week

If you read this far and support what I’m doing at all, I love you.

Hugs and kisses,

From the human behind this weblog.


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