Fixing Chrysalis Permission Errors on Linux

If you pick up a Keyboardio or Chrysalis compatible keyboard and run into permission errors while trying to connect, like I did on an arch based distribution, then take a look at the instructions provided by jthegedus below:

  1. sudo curl > /etc/udev/rules.d/60-kaleidoscope.rules
  2. sudo udevadm control -R
  3. logout
  4. login
  5. disconnect, reconnect & scan for devices

In short, step one takes the udev rules that should be installed by Chrysalis automatically (but isn't for whatever reason) and copies it to the correct directory so its accessible on your machine. (Do take a quick peek that this file structure matches your own or modify it to suit.) Then udev reloads its rule set, but the new rule won't become active until you log out and back in. Lastly, rescan and connect to your keyboard.


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