Libre Graphics World Interview With the Lead Developer of Akira

Pretty tough interview, for the Akira project I linked to earlier. Generally, I think it was a useful read to gauge the creator's intentions as well as the community's acceptance. The open source world is largely distrustful of Kickstarter and—perhaps—business models writ large. (I know you're cool with it but many are weary.) But that's also why enterprise class applications are either completely sponsored by a company, or it takes 10 years to produce something developers are comfortable tagging one-dot-oh.

Lead developer Alberto Castellani mentioned that development would continue even if funding failed, but might stretch development timelines years into the future before a stable release lands. In open-source, just like everywhere else, you can have software that is: good, cheap, or quickly developed, but not all three. The community seems divided on which two to pick.


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