Meru (2015)

I watched this documentary on a recommendation from Scott Tolinski (his ‘sick pick’) on Netflix. It was originally released in 2015, so I’ve arrived a bit late to the party. Here's the original trailer:

I made the mistake of watching it just before bed. Do not repeat that mistake—way too intense.

Meru’s visuals were equal parts awe-inspiring and harrowing. Its the story of three of the world’s best climbers and their attempts to ascend Meru Peak. (Apparently, Everest is a cake-walk in comparison to this mountain: never ascended, that is until Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk managed in 2011.) It is incredible to see how driven Anker, Chin and Ozturk are to do the impossible.

I have a decent control over my fear of high places, I know its never right to say that I am completely unafraid of something. The footage in this film reinforced that fact so thoroughly. There were no camera crews accompanying these climbers, so whatever you see is what they filmed themselves, hanging precariously 20,000 feet in thin, frigid Himalayan air. To be honest, given the what happens on each attempt, I’m surprised there was any footage at all.

I have deeper meta-thoughts about the genre of brutal, pursuit-of-greatness documentaries, but I'll save those for a little later. Let me know of what you think if you give this one a go.


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