Missing Person

I've been busy doing a little work behind the scenes. This site has made the arduous journey across the barren desert of the internet to a new domain. This is now officially trst.co and not, well… whatever it was before. I dare not speak its name.

There were a number of reasons for this but the foremost being that the previous domain was silly and rather long.[1] So to save you the hassle of typing an unnecessary number of characters (in an age of t.co links which effectively makes this a non-issue) I have made the switch. If you follow my writing through RSS—thank you, by the way—you shouldn't have to do anything, everything should just work.

I'm hoping that this effort will be a small sign of the things to come. There are a number of other improvements in the works that should hopefully come to light in the coming months.

  1. An entirely planned for consequence of this change is that the “person” referenced in the old domain is now out of the picture. What remains is the mind of a child without the weight of former attachments—i.e., useless pillowcase full of meat. ↩︎


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