My First iPad Pro Moment

I've had an iPad Pro for a hot minute and I have been worried that I might fall into what I call the Ryan Lee Taylor Trap, neƩ buyer's remorse. So far, I've been lucky. My time with the device has been nothing but positive. That said, discerning what exactly has made this a positive experience hasn't been clear.

Earlier today, I was at a local coffee joint with my partner. We were discussing a future hobby-project, when I pulled out the iPad Pro to make a quick note. While I was filling out our mood board (using an app called Curate), I switched over to Apple's Notes app to sketch an idea that we were having trouble putting into words. Then, it hit me.

Sharing this dinner-tray sized device between us, while seamlessly sketching and taking notes, was a fundamental change from how I previously used my iPad Air, let alone a 'regular' computer. Yes, I could have done those same things passing the smaller iPad back and forth between us, but we couldn't have done it together. Now, we can.

Personally, I'm not sure I would call it a paradigm shift, but this moment has opened my eyes a little wider. I naturally pulled out this tool and got my work done without having to think about whether it fit my existing workflow. Seems like a win to me.

I'll continue to document these little wins as they catch up with me.


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