My Wedding Vow

One month ago, today, I married my partner of ten years. (It was an incredible experience which I'm still trying to process fully.) We took the opportunity to write our own vows and I've shared mine below. I doubt many will find these words useful and I imagine the majority of its readers will fail to see their sentiment so far away from their original context. That said, I felt it was important to put these words out there; powerful emotions are like birds, tough to keep to yourself.

I have thought hard about my favourite memory we've shared together and there have been so many in the passing tides of the last decade that it did not seem possible to pick just one. Choosing one memory to summarise the feeling in my heart, is an impossible task. What I found instead of that one perfect memory, my metaphorical white whale, were tiny whispers and glimmering impressions that have been unconsciously pressed upon my soul.

My love for you does not find root in the grand events, or among the significant moments we've shared together. With time and care, each glimpse has grown together to form something magical: a flower whose petals on their own seem insignificant, yet taken together their beauty knows no bounds. These moments are found in those tiny spaces between the seconds of our lives and it is these slivers of memories fill my heart to overflowing.

I close my eyes and the weight of those moments wash over me:

  • The warming glow of your mischievous smile,
  • Your thoughtful gaze illuminated by the warm Mediterranean sun,
  • The carefree air that emanates from you when your fun-loving personality finds a safe space to bloom.

These are the moments which speak volumes, yet there is little poetry capable of capturing my enduring awe when these glimpses of you bubble up from my memory.

My promise to you is that I will pledge everything that I am to support you becoming the best version of yourself and achieving your worthiest ambitions, no matter which ends of the Earth we find ourselves. You are the force that is changing the world for the better. I know it is a hard and thankless road you bravely walk, but you do not do so in isolation. I pledge that you will never be alone on your journey because, though I am only one man, I will always, always be there as you lead the way. No matter how dark the world may seem, remember I am here to provide the bedrock of family to call your own, devotion to you as you are and undying love from the bottom of my heart.

This is all I have to give, but rest assured that I will spend the rest of my life ensuring that this promise is anything and everything you could need.


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