New Keycaps on the Atreus

What a handsome litte boi!

I picked up a new set of keycaps from Drop, specifically the "Drop MT3 White-on-Black Keycap Set" in the ortho kit. My theory has been, the thumb row would be a bit better if I could only feel the difference between a few keys. Before I put this kit on, I had removed the keycaps and typed directly onto the stems of my switches for the "LWR" and "RSE" keys. While that worked, I thought, "Why not throw money at the problem?" And here we are.

This isn't a formal review of the keycaps, I just couldn't help posting a picture of this handsome little boi in its new duds. The sculpted shape of the keys helps a fair bit distinguishing between each row. The homing keys being extra "scooped" out is very effective for finding your place while touch typing.

Ultimately what I bought the entire set for was to distinguish the thumb modifier keys, so I could feel the difference between, say space, enter and escape. To that end they have performed really well. I used the "R1" escape keys to mark out escape and backspace on my left hand and on my right, space and escape. They work great on the bottom row, because contrast to the "R4" shape, they are taller and slant the opposite direction.

I am happy with the set. They look good, sound good and are satisfying to type on. I still have a few bones with the ergonomics of the thumb row (I don't end up using the last two keys on the bottom row for either hand because they are a menace to reach without twisting my wrists and don't even get me started about the inner "thumb keys"), but my typing has come along fairly well. While typing prose, I am back to my previous speed. My coding speed is lagging a bit, mostly because I cannot remember what key corresponds to which pair of brackets... even though I haven't swapped their positions in weeks; The symbols across the keyboard could use a rethink, but I am scared to start over again 😝


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