(Not) Playing Catch-Up

The dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral from the Millennium Bridge.

I haven’t written lately, you may even have noticed. The truth is it’s been a busy week and England is on fire, meteorologically speaking. I can’t remember the weather being this consistently nice since we moved here five years ago. And now that we’re leaving, it feels like a gift from Mother Nature... or the Queen, she’s always been good like that.

Alongside the weather, the news cycle has begun to crawl and I’m less inspired to post my supply of daily links. Honestly, I’d rather be outside, or doing nothing than commenting on how life on the Internet is passing by. The dearth of news has provided me with time to reflect. I think my mini break is probably a good thing.

If there’s nothing to say, why force it? I’ll laze away idly, enjoying my last opportunities to partake in European heliotherapy (a term I’ve lovingly stolen from the warning signs staked into Sardinia’s beaches), until I have something ready to post.

There’s only a few weeks left until Amber and I move back to Canada. I am terribly excited to make the jump but hamstrung by my jobby-job. The flat is barren and empty, it is like living in a bad Airbnb; although, everything is familiar, the sights are mundane and the lack of AC, as always, is punishing. I haven’t given up on my digital home, but I will probably be posting less frequently, and perhaps, more personally than before.


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