November: a Blog a Day

Saw lots of people jumping on this idea in my timeline today (see Om Malik and Shawn Blanc, CJ Chilvers, among many others): effectively, why leave writing everyday to the NaNoWriMo crowd? Let's blog everyday in the month of November!

I've done a blogging month-style challenge before and I enjoyed it immensely. So I think I'll partake in this community challenge as well. I'm not sure it's warranted for a writing challenge but I feel like I ought to set a vision for the month. Brent Simmons’ You Choose piece has been bouncing around my noggin for a bit and I'd like to fill the Internet with a bit more sparkle.

Writing creatively or covering things that inspire, that's the measuring stick for the month. If whatever I write doesn't size up, then I'll have to move on, no “Negative Ned”, no fear-mongering. You get the idea.

I encourage you to join the cause and fill your November with blogging. Don't worry if you're coming to this late either, just write a couple of extra posts to make up for time, or go a few days into December. What's the worst that could happen :P

P.s.: If you jump on the bandwagon, send me your RSS feed so I can follow your progress!


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