The values of Emacs, the Neovim revolution, and the VSCode gorilla

It's funny how we weave our digital identity and what tools we integrate into that fabric. I spend all day in Neovim, and it would be a bald faced lie to say that I wasn't constantly shopping around for a better fit; a text editor or IDE that conforms to my current values and priorities. These days it's speed, helpfulness (why thank you, that is the method I was looking for!) and stability.

For the longest time, that's been (Neo)Vim. I look longingly at Emacs pretty much on the back of the amazing Org Mode and Magit packages, but I can never get it to stick. Even with Evil mode, something isn't quite right. Perhaps that "quite rightness" is convention and my head isn't quite attuned to the Emacs way. That may be the reason why I always look in the wrong place, or keep my fingers frozen above the keyboard until my brain can process what it wants to do whenever I make the hop to another editor.

As for VSCode, it's brilliant but my eyes see text and my fingers reach for the movement keys. Unfortunately, all plugins that emulate the Vim bindings (including newer ones that completely embed Neovim inside 😳) run up against their container in some way and my mind throws a fit.

Community isn't something I'd ever thought about when using Neovim. Frankly, development seemed to move faster so that's where I went. But come to think of it, the sheer number of tiny projects, new developments and blog posts have been really helpful. Maybe it's a subconscious fit. Nothing I sought out, but a familiar feeling I recognized.


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