Om On Blogging

This piece recently made the rounds and I was a bit unsure about posting it. Yet here I am, mainly because this line has been ringing around my head:

The whole idea is to think to deliberate, and to come back again and again, to finish what was started a long time ago. But there is no end, just a pause, for a voice to start, talking again.

Anyone who makes an esoteric point usually has their finger on something, a nerve or a bustling heart beat, but not the words to fully express that experience to others. But don’t fret, I feel his point. I “get” blogs in a way that I don’t get the social stream. I don’t want to drink from the firehouse.

I am the product of a web filled with ideas, formed well before I became a target of the web of commerce or the atomic content in the web of data. I crave the tiny human whispers hidden between blog posts: those faint messages that can only be discerned through the entirety of a creative’s body of work. Voice matters, definitely, but no more than the context from which it arises. And neither of those is available after being algorithmically sorted and served.

So, I’m with you Mr. Malik. Long live the weblog.


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