Pinebook Pro

I shouldn't be excited for what will probably be a pretty poor performing ARM based *nix laptop, but I am. The newly pre-announced Pinebook Pro will be big step up from the original Pinebook. The Pro version should be powerful enough for light computing tasks and is built from hardier materials. (The plastic on the Pinebook looks horrible.)

Web development isn't particularly taxing—although my creeky Vagrant setup might argue otherwise—and most of my time is spent on the command line. Maybe that's all I need is a decent keyboard and an SSH-capable terminal. I got by with an iPad,[1] perhaps a $250-ish Laptop could do just as well.

  1. The iPad, while my favourite computer of all time, never felt right for my development workflow since it depended upon multiple monitors. The Pinebook Pro would be better suited in that way... until new iOS software can right that ship. ↩︎


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