Put a Fork in 2016

It's done. We made it.

An interesting year all-in-all. Brexit is a thing that happened and Trump became the leader of a world superpower—I honestly thought both couldn't come to pass at all, let alone in the same window of history. Yet, here we are.

Personally, 2016 was one of the best years I have ever had. I married the person of my dreams. And I mean MARRIED! We wrapped a silk bow on our ten year relationship which continues to delight and fulfil me everyday. It is borderline silly how good she is to me. My goal last year was to be the best people-thing I could be, to do right by her, and the coming of a new year feels like there is even more space to grow alongside her. And, boy-howdy, do I enjoy trying to catch up to her example.

Then there are the incredible friendships that I've developed this year. I managed to meet my long-time crush Andy on his whirlwind spiritual world tour. He stopped in London for a spell, so I harangued him into sitting down for coffee with me to talk about his new project—the now dead social experiment, Asocial. My pal[1] Lorenzo and I meet for coffee (not often enough, honestly) and always run too long on the latest tech gossip. (Don't get him started on privacy, encryption, security, et. al., if you want to be able to sleep soundly at night.) Among the highlights of my year was the opportunity to spend an evening with my dear friends Ryan & Mark to celebrate their marriage. To think, one day, by chance, I ended up recording a podcast with some random dude and only a few years later I would be sharing the same dance floor as their family and friends.

The internet truly can connect people from across the world.

All around, the world seems to be shifting in an unknown direction. If you lift your ear to the wind, you can hear worry, it’s thick around the world. It is typically in my nature to worry about these types of political/cultural/philosophical issues; however, I have found myself reflecting on what I am grateful for instead. Perhaps it’s my age catching up with me, but the ground seems a lot more solid when my focus falls on what is most important.

  1. My “imaginary” friend, if you have the good fortune to talk with his partner about the subject. ↩︎


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