Quick Tip - Replace Markdown with Markdown Extra in staticDimension

Update (2011-04-28): I have added more information on a better file encryption method within the footnotes.

I love markdown but not having some extra features, like footnotes, bums me out a little bit. However, if you are using staticDimension like I am there is an easy fix. I'll list the steps but please consider testing this locally before you change any files on a live setup. With that out of the way here's the details:

  1. Backup your entire staticDimension site and keep the archive somewhere safe. If you're really keen keep a local backup, an external hard drive backup, an encrypted[1] copy in your Dropbox (recently there has been some lively discussion about the security of Dropbox, for more information see: The Next Web, Miguel de Icaza, and the official statement from Dropbox) and a backup on another service like Backblaze.

  2. Download Markdown Extra to your local machine.

  3. Fire up whatever program you use to access your remote server (I use Transmit, it is totally worth the money, but I digress).

  4. Navigate into your "controlPanel" folder.

  5. Navigate into the "classes" folder.

  6. Rename the "markdown.class.php" to something like "markdown.backup.class.php".

  7. Upload the "markdown.php" file you received when you downloaded Markdown Extra.

  8. Rename the "markdown.php" file to "markdown.class.php".

  9. Enjoy Markdown extra and while you're at it get in touch with both Mike Watts (the creator of staticDimension) and Michel Fortin, so that you may express your gratitude for their hard work. Consider donating a small bit of change for their causes if you so please.

  1. Update: Recently I have been evaluating TrueCrypt as a part of my file encryption process. The amount of security offered (potentially) is far beyond the capabilities of the simple encrypted DMG file that is baked into OS X. ↩︎


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