Silly Ideas #01

I've had a load of knuckle-headed ideas for new projects over the years. I love the thought process that has gone into many of them—although not enough to follow through—and it would be a true shame to just let them whither, like a forgotten tomato on the vine. So without further adieu, I present a silly and unfinished idea from the archives.

Shobu: the dog who does nothing


Extraordinary things happen around a dog (e.g., time travel) while the dog pretty much remains completely inactive. In the example given, Shobu remains relatively motionless as the entire universe is plunged into chaos. Mongol hordes and Roman armies descend upon the idyllic suburban neighbourhood where Shobu’s owners live. Every story ends with the dog doing something entirely innocent, like rolling over, and a child says, “Oh Shobu!”

Every story ends completely unresolved.


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