Silly Ideas 02: Talk To Me Siri Podcast

I’ve had a load of knuckle-headed ideas for new projects over the years. I love the thought process that has gone into many of them—although not enough to follow through—and it would be a true shame to just let them whither, like a forgotten tomato on the vine. So without further adieu, I present a silly and unfinished idea from the archives.

(Imagine a narrator reading to you, in a soft but passionate grandfather-y voice, as if this were a Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation.)

In three minutes, you will be entreated to a heart warming encounter between two star-crossed lovers. One is an average human-like person, searching for a deep and profound connection. The other, a lifeless robot… with a heart of gold. The robot reads lengthy romantic prose, where upon hearing the human attempts to respond in kind.

Who writes these beautiful soliloquies? Who knows? The robot? Unlikely, but why not.

Tune in to hear an amnesic “couple” try to kindle the fires of the heart every week.


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