Thank You Small Few

Image Unavailable: My Readability powered Scrooge McDuck money pile

I'm writing a piece about Readability and I thought it would be fun to check how much money my publisher's account has accrued since last year. I have to say, I'm quite shocked by the figure.

The total was a whopping $1.31.

I am honestly surprised by this number, I had expected $0. Since I paid into this scheme as well, I also realize that each person contributes a fairly small amount to each writer. So for my account to gain over a dollar I have to believe that at least a couple of people pitched in.

And for that I thank you all. I keep telling myself that no one reads this site (I don't even read this garbage) but I can't ignore the fact there is at least one or two regular readers. I don't know who you are, but I would love to find out. Get in touch on Twitter and I'll mail you a hand-drawn post card with whatever you'd like on it. Don't worry, I'll foot the bill this time.

(By the way, I'd rather the $1.31 went to charity. I'm not going to cash it in. It's less of a waste of your money anyhow.)


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