The Future of Skateboarding

I love skateboarding. Reading about the passion these two kids have for riding made my day. It's too easy to forget that skateboarding—perhaps sports writ large—are outlets for expression. I wanted to write “first and foremost” at the end of that sentence, but commercial enterprise tends to muddy the waters of fun and expression. The unfortunate artefacts of “my” generation.

Hopefully kids in this brave new generation my have the sense to enjoy skateboarding for what it can be:

If something is too polished, it feels fake to them. And they're not bound to a timeline. So they naturally skip from Speed Freaks to Cherry to Dressen to Hockey to Salba to Bones Brigade videos. To the twins, there's no cognitive or temporal leap to make between them. It's all just skateboarding.

I think the kids these days are going to be all right:

The twins frequently refer to [video] parts that show people who are having fun and are not “trying too hard,” as Indy explains. When I point out that both of them try hard tricks, they clarify that they're not motivated to do tricks people think are hard—it's about trying hard and having fun.

(H/T Umlaut)


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