The True Value of Link Posts

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, and I’m not suggesting that people who share links without commentary are committing some sort of crime against the indie web. However, if you’re going to share new ideas and experiences with someone, it seems courteous to do so with the same care and attention you’d grant them if you were making the recommendation in person.

If I'm following you (yes, you there!) it's because you bring value to my feed in a way that Google, or Facebook, or Pocket, and etc., do not. Just clipping titles and the link, or just a pithy, “This,” doesn't provide enough context for me to do anything other than skip over it. Which bums me out, because there's something about that link that got you thinking. You spent time reading or watching, then you took the time to save it and shared it with others. Why not add a little more so we can expand that conversation or note your frame of mind should we choose to view it as well.

I'm a bit ashamed to realize that the above, reads like I'm a “choosy beggar” but I chose to follow you because there's something special about you. Can you blame me for wanting just a bit more?


Nope. Don't worry about leaving them here, instead hit me up @TRST_Blog and share your thoughts.

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