Too: Sticky-Back Plastic

I have to say, this whole podcasting thing is really starting to sound pretty natural. It could be the insane amounts of time and effort Ryan pours into editing these episodes, or all of the cash I spend on vocal coaching. Either way, these last few episodes have turned out to be something I'm rather proud of. I'm beginning to enjoy the process so much I don't even mind that the internet is worse for my participation in it.

(As an aside, technology is really something. For instance, I wrote this entire post on my iPhone because I am too lazy to get up off of my bed and walk over to my desktop, which isn't more than, say, 6 feet away. So, I SSH'd into my desktop, wrote this entire post in VIM, compiled my blog's build of Jekyll and Rsync'd that copy to my VPS which I pay almost no money for. That's biblically awesome.)


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