I'm never sure about what I should be doing on the internet. I am not great at blogging, my twittering skills remain unhoned and I tend to abandon my (internet) children whenever given the opportunity to “go to the store.” So what to do? Easy. Start another thing that you can let whither and die. In my case, a Tumblr to serve as a mood board of sorts.

Expect a bunch of tomfoolery, links to music I'm digging and perhaps some little tidbits about what is occupying my obsession these days. Overall, it'll be uncompelling, which is fitting of my little empire in the metaphorical sand.


Nope. Don't worry about leaving them here, instead hit me up @TRST_Blog and share your thoughts.

What is this Place?

This is the weblog of the strangely disembodied TRST. Here it attempts to write somewhat intelligibly on, well, anything really. Overall, it may be less than enticing.