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I've started posting on Instagram. You can follow me at [@trst_blog]( “@TRST_Blog on Instagram”) and keep up with a few of the behind the scenes moments I post every other day. Honestly, I've broken my long absence from the platform due to a recent growth spurt: I've realised that it's far more important to enjoy oneself, even as a metaphorical digital flaming eyeball, than to live in some state of form of undesired stoicism. (Obviously, I have sympathies regarding stoicism, just not everywhere, all the time... which may not be very stoic, but I digress.) subscribe—if that's something you're into—for a load of behind the scenes for my video process and general hijinx from a person-thing whose life goal is to retire by forty-five... or earlier.


Nope. Don't worry about leaving them here, instead hit me up @TRST_Blog and share your thoughts.

What is this Place?

This is the weblog of the strangely disembodied TRST. Here it attempts to write somewhat intelligibly on, well, anything really. Overall, it may be less than enticing.