Using Twitter as a One Way Street

I was going to sit on this for another day, then Twitter announced they’d be mucking about with their APIs again, so here we go.

I was dorking around on Product Hunt the other day and I came across Jonathan Toon’s Tweet-Tray. It's an electron app (say what you will) that sits in your menu bar and you can shoot out those world changing ideas and capitalise on your social media influencer lifestyle without getting getting stuck in your feed. I personally think—perhaps it’s inarguable these days—that your social feed should live at arms length. If you’re worried about missing out on the conversation, turn on your notifications or browse your timeline every so often.

When I saw this, I had a nostalgic wave rush over me, but I couldn't quite put my finger on where the connection was. After two hours of breathlessly searching the Internet—I really ought to upgrade my Google-ese—I figured it out.

Anyone remember Birdhouse? A third-party twitter client aimed solely at creating and posting draft tweets without seeing the rest of your stream. At the time, I recall this app having a moment among the productivity-guru Internet class but like all good things, it died far too young. I believe Birdhouse was a victim of Twitter’s changing API and developer policies; however, Adam Lisagor and Cameron Hunt, like the gentlemen they are, they made sure that their website is still accessible.

If you're still into the idea of using Twitter as a one-way publishing street, you can still replicate this behaviour using Drafts and the Post to Twitter action. Just note that you'll be limited to one account. Any social media thought leaders need not apply.


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