I try not to get too excited by new CMS technology, it comes and goes too quickly. Most people want a reliable and stable platform, hence why Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, etc., are the go-to CMS services. I wouldn't dream of recommending anyone turn to any other solution, unless they knew what they were doing.

That all aside, Vapid is really something else. It's built “for people who build websites for other people” and they mean it because this system creates fields in a backend dashboard from the front end, not the other way around. It's hard to get across without diving in but just know the only required skill is HTML, no React, no Angular, no PHP, just HTML.

Look into the Glitch instance if you've got some time and perhaps you'll understand why I'm excited (for my own purposes) about Vapid.

Update: 2018-09-20 19:57

Having had time to think about it, I am reminded of services like Perch and Concrete5 which follow the same methodology for laying out their backend. While I know the latter two (particularly in Perch's case) are battle-hardened for production use, I am not as convinced about Vapid. On the official site, two high-traffic production examples are listed. I think I might have a bit of I-don't-know-therefore-I'm-afraid syndrome. Perhaps, with the ability to generate a static website from either the command line, or, preferrably, the interface would shake some of that fear out of me.


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