Video Project Update 01

Okay, so a quick update: I've finished my final (major) edit on the script. Having said that, I've made a note in my mind to only pre-announce projects when they're further along 😝 No matter though, working out in the open should motivate me to get it done. Transparency, amirite?

The next part of the process will be pretty intense. I have to come up with the visual style for my videos. Now, I realise my style doesn't need to be fully formed right from the beginning, but for a project to have long legs requires making some sound decisions beforehand. It's been a while since I've had a designer hat on for more than a hot-take, so this should prove to be quite involving.

Here's what that process looks like so far: screenshots of colours, textures, fonts and the like are strewn across my desktop. I've assembled a tickler file of ideas, influences and references which I keep pouring through. I must admit, it's been fun, yet at the same time tooth-pulling-ly painful to define a style and voice. I get how to do it in text and voice but communicating through motion is a new thing for me. The clock is ticking and I need to pull it all together.

It's been a whirlwind past few months. It's like there's a strange entrepreneurial bug that has bitten me and its fangs are sunk deep. This project is a direct consequence of that bite.

I'm exploring my options based on my circumstances (i.e., without a permanent residence, traveling abroad and working full-time). Like everyone, I want to try out ideas with minimal overhead to weigh me down. Therefore, I'm moving forward with mostly free kit and I am open to change as it becomes necessary. I'm lucky that I've developed some skills and know-how when it comes to working digitally but there is—if I haven't made clear by now—a high learning curve.

This first video will be 100% static assets, no animation, no stock video, just voice, typography and imagery (I might shoehorn in a sketch or two, depending on my mood; it is, after all, a goal of mine to do more illustration). Digital typography has exploded in recent years, so finding a free or inexpensive font family from a reputable foundry has never been easier. Even looking to Google’s font repository, there are some handsome typefaces in there each with their own attitude and style. Stock photography has similarly hit a high with services like Unsplash providing royalty free images for use in your projects.

I don't plan on using Photoshop or[1] for each “scene” so my idea is to fire up Apple’s Keynote. I haven't investigated this, but I assume this will limit me to 1080p resolutions, which would decrease its viability long term. Remember, work fast with what I have and make better decisions next time.

I enjoyed this process of sharing and perhaps it may become useful to someone else. Who knows if there will be more updates in the future but if you do find some value in it, or have questions, feel free to shoot me a message @TRST_Blog

  1. I am (mostly) mobile-only at this point so desktop paradigm graphics and vector editors are largely out of the question. I have access to desktop computers; however, the goal is efficiency based on my current environment and not to focus on how I could do it “if only…” ↩︎


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