VirtualBox Graphical Issues

I thought to myself, you know what would be clever? Installing GhostBSD into a virtual machine so I can get a hang of any differences without wiping my laptop. That felt pretty responsible, but here's the rub: I downloaded, installed and booted up my fresh, new virtual machine and the whole window was transparent!

White text above an image? I can still hear my poor pupils dilating. Depending on where I moved the window, different sections would become visible against my desktop wallpaper. The entire experience has me flummoxed. I thought at first, it might be the install of GhostBSD (maybe I choose the wrong graphics settings at boot? The option marked “VirtualBox” made sense to me) but I'm going to look into trying an alternative to VirtualBox, something like Gnome Boxes.

I figure if that shares the same issue, it may just be the settings I chose in GhostBSD. Perhaps I'll go in with the defaults just to check. Though I'll cross that bridge when I get there.


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