Watch Out for Wet Paint

This site recently relaunched which I must assume you haven't noticed because the traffic I get to the site is fairly insubstantial. Apart from the new coat of paint I made a change to the underlying technology that powers this site. Previously, I used Mike Watts' static blogging engine [staticDimension][2] but I have since made the switch to the ever popular [Jekyll][3].

Switching to Jekyll brought a number of advantages, not the least of which was finer control over the functionality and generation process.[1] I wanted to make my archives section more accessible, to streamline the updating process, and expand my own horizons if only slightly. It's questionable whether I accomplished any of these goals in the switch, however, I'm not letting that stop me from rambling on.

Working the Archives


  1. I am no coder, I can hack into things rather terribly but whatever hasn't been already done I cannot do for myself in this regard. Hence, extending Mr. Watts' software to better suit my needs was out of the picture. ↩︎


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