Where have all the updates gone?

If you have followed the site at all (and that's a big if), then, perhaps, you have noticed that it hasn't been updated in a spell. Rest assured, I haven't abandoned my blog.

I simply haven't found anything compelling to write about. Maybe it's writer's block… I can't be sure at this point. That said, I have been keeping very up-to-date in my consumption of awesome content written by other (smarter) folks.

If you'd like to follow alongside me while I read and discover, then I humbly invite you to follow the blog's Twitter feed (@trst_blog). I link to all kinds of good stuff there that I don't have mind enough to smartly comment on.

Thanks again for caring. (It really means the world to me that you do.)


Nope. Don't worry about leaving them here, instead hit me up @TRST_Blog and share your thoughts.

What is this Place?

This is the weblog of the strangely disembodied TRST. Here it attempts to write somewhat intelligibly on, well, anything really. Overall, it may be less than enticing.