Who Watches the Watchmen?

[Disclosure: I am one of those silly and unfortunate few who cancelled their Instagram account, although I did so at the first irrational flair up during their purchase by Facebook.]

Like everyone that follows the tech news circuit, I heard about Instagram changing its Terms of Service and I was unhappy. The terms seemed to imply that user's photos could be sold off to advertisers and used out of context. All of the circles that I follow were passionately ablaze.

Later, the Verge's own Nilay Patel wrote a fairly convincing translation of Instagram's legalese which put most of those fears to bed. And, shortly thereafter, Instagram's co-founder Kevin Systrom, penned an official response. Overall, a very quick response to a viral controversy.

Many of Instagram's impassioned user base found themselves in a slightly awkward position. An entire day spent worrying about the fate of their data in the hands of a cold and indifferent advertising companies turned out to be merely a mountain made of a mole hill. Now, many of these people are either living up to their commitments and quitting the service out of principle, admitting they were wrong, or staying quiet until everyone forgets what just happened.

I won't chastise those people, to be honest I am positive I have done just the same; however, I would like to take a moment and analyze some of the response. The population of the web that writes about these topics has understandably been split into polarities. I say 'understandably' because of our shared human history of othering, a topic which I will side step for the moment. Now that one half has spoken out about their feelings of betrayal, the other half is moving in to say, "we told you so."


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